Farzher's Encryption Based on AES-256, scrypt, bcrypt, PBKDF2-256, SHA-256

stupidly slow to decrypt, allowing your password to be stupidly easy to remember. useful for backing up secret information in a way that's impossible to forget or lose. backup your bitcoin wallet directly into your brain.

  1. ✔️ runs on any offline device for serious use, download and run offline
  2. ✔️ output is always different even with the same exact inputs
  3. ✔️ mouse movement as entropy can't blame me for bad entropy
  4. ✔️ prevents rainbow tables by salting with entropy and unknown difficulty
  5. ✔️ obscure decryption algo knowing the password isn't enough; this tool is required too
  6. ✔️ pseudo-random noise is the only output
  7. ✔️ prevent brute force by making it as slow as you'd like & not acknowledging failure
  8. revoke decryption if your password is compromised. see ssss
  9. ✔️ custom questions easy to remember password enhancements
  10. ✔️ steganography using stega or hidden encoding
  11. ✔️ TNO trust no one

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